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"The Lunatic Pauper Palace" Glenside Hospital Bristol


Dr Donal F. Early

A History of the Bristol Lunatic Asylum which became the Frist World War Beaufort War Hospital and the Glenside Psychiatric Hospital. Written by Dr Donal Early who was a doctor there from 1944 and founded the unique Museum for Glenside.

ISBN:  0-9542458-2-2

Price: 20 plus 3 P&P

15 in the museum when mentioning our website.



A History of Brentry

House, Reformatory, Colony and Hospital

Peter K Carpenter

ISBN 0-9542458-1-4

Price: 20 plus 3 P&P

15 in the museum when mentioning our website.




The National Institutions for Persons Requiring Care and Control

Stoke Park Colony, Bristol

Peter K Carpenter

ISBN: 0-9542458-0-6

Price 7 Plus 2 P&P

Over 100 Images

5 in the museum when mentioning our website.



Also Available...



We have thousands of images relating to Glenside and psychiatry in Bristol, we can reproduce these images in data or paper format for a small donation depending on useage.



We have a range of DVD's, relating to Stoke Park, Hortham, Building of the M32, just email us if you would like to purchase one of these DVD's or visit the museum where we hold them.



In the museum there are A5 booklets available on the following subject matter:

Glenside Hospital 1861-1994, by the Management of Glenside Hospital Museum, Sixth Extended Revised Edition, 125th Anniversary Celebration.

The Development of Mental Health Nursing, by Monica E. Baly, A Glenside Hospital Museum Production.

The Mendip Hospital, by Dougal Duncan.

History of Stoke Park Hospital, A report by the Bristol Observer, March 1st 1913, an anthology of historical records including research by late Dr J. Jancar. Edited by Julius A. Herrstein. A Glenside Hospital Museum Production.

If you are unable to visit the museum to purchase these booklets, we can post them to you, just email us.




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