The Museum

The museum was founded by Dr Donal Early who was a consultant psychiatrist at Glenside from the 1950's.  He collected memorabilia and stored them on the balcony of the dining hall of Glenside.  When the old building closed he and his volunteers were given the use of the Glenside Chapel, which they renovated and have slowly developed as a museum.


The museum has a wide range of paraphernalia and images from the life of Glenside and of the local Learning Disability Hospitals of the Stoke Park Group and the Burden Neurological Institution.

The Chancel is used for temporary exhibitions and for the paintings of Dennis Reed, an accomplished artist who painted life in Glenside from the inside, in the 1950's.

There are several early ECT machines on display. 

As well as displays on life in the institutions



We have a collection of images and photographs of the wards as well as objects.

We have a collection of works by Denis Reed, portraying life in the asylum

in the 50's and 60's

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