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Learning Disability

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The move to the community

In 1992 all the remaining Learning Disability services were absorbed into a new NHS Trust, Phoenix NHS Trust, with the purpose of closing the remaining hospitals and moving into the community.

Leigh Court had been closed in 1985, the same year that community teams started to take shape.

Yatton Hall in 1989 - and sold for housing.

Hortham in 1991 - a buyer has yet to be found

Purdown in 1992 - and sold for housing.  Heath House has become a private hospital.

Stoke Park in 1997 - all the buildings built after 1890 are now demolished and replaced by housing.

Brentry and Hanham Hall closed in 2000 - The top part of Brentry has been replaced by housing.

About 30- 40 residents were moved into retained NHS houses, which are due to mainly close in 2005, by being transferred to other providers.

New houses were built and old houses in the community converted. Two major community providers were created - what are now Brandon Trust and Aspects & Milestones.

10 Community team bases have been provided.

Phoenix closed in March 2000 and the rump of the services were transferred to Bath and West Community Trust and then a year later to Bath and North East Somerset Trust, then a year later as Primary Care Trusts were created the services were broken up into local services. The home of the specialist retained services are currently being decided (2005)

Brentry for Sale

The new admission unit at Barrow closed after a few years    Lansdowne House the main admission unit

New retained unitNew retained unit    

New retained unit (converted from staff housing)         New retained unit





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