Glenside Hospital Museum Redevelopment.

Dr. Ihsan Mian, Chairman of the Museum, welcomed the Lord Mayor and gave a brief account of the work of the
Museum. He mentioned, the Museum had to be closed in 2008 and 2009 after a report, Electrics were found to
be dangerous, UWE installed the Electrics and Lighting, when most of the artifacts had to be moved to the stores
- two rooms in the main hospital building. The Museum exhibits was redeveloped and refurbished by the dedicated team
of volunteers, Dr. Mian specially mentioned Luke Pomeroy's name who had worked extremely hard in planning and building 
the Museum exhibits. 




Glenside Hospital Museum hopes to become a leading information and Research resource for the history of mental health. The Museum is now not only visited by students from the  local schools and colleges but also from all over England and Wales

We are keen to raise awareness of mental  health issues and change the negative attitude of the mentally ill. 
The Lord Mayor showed great interest in the Artifacts while he was shown around the Museum. He then spoke to
the volunteers and guests, over 150 guests visited the Museum that day. Refreshments and drinks were served.
The day was a great success, The Opening Ceremony of our Museum was a grand occasion whichcreated excellent publicity for the Museum in the local media.




Photographs: Bryan Wilson GHM Volunteer.




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